Becoming the Teacher

I have been given a great opportunity to help create the curriculum for an iOS programming course at Noble Desktop.  It will be a three day course focusing on using Xcode and the Interface Builder to create a couple of iOS apps, plus some programming fundamentals thrown in.

The process I am using to create the curriculum is to record a teaching session on my computer which will later get transcribed into the class workbook. I finished recording my first exercise (Hello World!) this week and gave the guys at Noble Desktop 20 minutes worth of video to review. In the video I explain the following:

  • small intro to Xcode
  • how to place a button and label on an iOS view
  • change the text of the label to “Hello World”, when the button is clicked
  • run the app in the iPhone simulator

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 2.23.24 PM

I really enjoyed making the video and it forced me to rethink the way I use Xcode. I am  self-taught when it comes to Objective-C and Xcode. I was a Java programmer for YEARS when I decided to pick up a book and program a kids’ game for the iPhone 3 years ago. Therefore, I did a little reading and refreshing before making my first video. I made sure I knew the exact names of all the inspectors and editors. Also, I looked into some of the most convenient ways to use Xcode. I’ve always been lazy about using IDEs– once something works for me, I don’t bother finding out if there is an even easier way. But for this recording, I forced myself to learn the trick to open the file editor and the storyboard editor in a split pane editor. Its called the “Assistant Editor” and its accessed by clicking on the little icon that looks like a tuxedo. I may never go back to the regular editor.  To that point, I think creating this curriculum will make me a better developer. Or at least a better IDE user! Not to mention what I’ll learn when I actually get to teach it to a room full of question-asking newbies. I’m pretty excited.


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